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  • It has been designed for the purpose of raising the standard of the catheters.
  • Used only medical grade raw materials (without using phthalate) in the production stages of both the nelaton catheters and hydrophilic coating.
  • In combination with the sheath catheter application; it minimizes the risk of infection that can occur during catheterization.
  • The tip of the catheter is an uninterrupted oval structure that minimizes the risk of trauma.
  • The ejaculation holes of the catheter have been planned in sizes to ensure optimal discharging in every size.

In the implementation of external apparatus into the intracorporeal cavities; avoiding the entry of harmful microorganisms into the body both through these materials and hands of the users is necessary for preserving people from becoming ill.

  • Intermittent catheterization for patients with urinary retention.
  • For single use.
  • No need for additional water.
  • Ready in 26 seconds.
  • Remains slippery during catherization.
  • Avoids trauma thanks to the rounded tip.
  • Practical and light.
  • Provides unlimited comfort whole day.
  • Does not contain phtalat.
  • Appropriate hardness preventing bendings and trauma.
  • Infection risk is minimized thanks to using untouched by human hands through the ring.
  • Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.